When You Accidentally Mislead People

So..my blog is titled “The Adventures Of A Drifter” and so far I haven’t even come close to documenting any kind of adventure. And do you know why I haven’t done so? I’ll tell you why.


YES! I really am.

Seriously though. I am the type of person who panics at the slightest of things. I do not do so well in this world we live in.

As unlucky I am at time in life, it’s nowhere near as bad as this poor woman’s is (lol)

I honestly did think I would have had something decent to put on this blog, but I’m not the touristy type when I’m in a foreign land. I don’t go outside. Because introvert and an all-round weird shy odd little person (I’m somehow learning to be ok with how I am as a person in general). It would have been nice to have a blog full of interesting stuff to read and pictures to document everything but that is just not the case with this blog.

So far all I’ve got on here are tales of woe. Maybe that’s what I should change my blog to – “Tales Of Woe”. In the words of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Will Smith) – “I’m scared, man. I mean, what if I never get my life together”.

 It has been a pretty dismal read so far, but hopefully things will change, but until then, this is how I feel the current state of my life is..

(I too feel like I’ve been out here for ages and haven’t accomplished anything)

I wish my life was an adventure but it’s not. Nothing exciting ever happens in my life. Because I am a very boring person who has many many issues that prevent her from doing anything. I’ve always wondered what my life would be life if I was a different person. Boy I wold have a lot of stories to share with people. I’d probably have more friends too (not that one need a trillion friends in their life, I’m happy with the few I have now).

How the hippies do it I don’t know. Live a care free life full of freedom and all that. If anyone knows the secret to getting by in life, please let me know. I’m clearly missing something and would love to know all the secrets to this whole adulating thing.

It is a little sad that I haven’t been able to do any of the things I wish I could do. Maybe one day.

This is my life so far and I can only hope that it can and will get better.

I’ll leave you all with a video that was shared by a very good friend of mine (she’s more of sister than a friend). Love you G, and thanks for sharing this with me ❤



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