What A Week I’ve Had!

I had work last Sunday, it was awful!

I know I shouldn’t ay this but I hate my job. I really really do.

But as much as hate my job, I did get to enjoy a “work perk”. Got my accommodation and travel paid for which was awesome. Then I got to fly over to a different place which was nice too. The weather was great which was even better. Pity we didn’t get to see any of the area we stayed in for a day and night (because we went over there for work) but it was still a nice experience.

I didn’t enjoy the flight much; my tummy was in knots for the most part of it. Flying while you’re a nervous anxious person didn’t help at all, good thing it was only an hour long flight, lol, but the scenery was nice.

It wasn’t all bad. I’ll definitely have to go back there sometime and do some serious exploring. It’ll have to be when I’m rich because it is very expensive over there.

In other news, I get to go home and see my Dad (and other family too) for a few days which will be really nice.

Looking forward to it all 🙂


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