Writing Is Hard!

Writing has been a real struggle lately.

I just can’t seem to write anything other than what I’m doing or have been doing. Writing pieces of any sort these days has been tough. Seems I’ve lost my mojo or something.

So I decided to start a page specifically for my writing squiggles. Writing both a post and a page post will be both fun and interesting (I think).

Anyway, thought I’d share something I wrote a while ago. Not really sure where it all came from. Sometimes words and feelings just pour out from nowhere and make absolutely no sense at all (as I’m sure this piece will prove to be).

All Alone

I’m all on my own,
I’m fearful, I’m tearful,

I’m scared.

Is this what it feels like to be all alone?

The cold harsh earth wraps its arms around me.

These wide open spaces no longer comfort me.
What was my escape.. is now my home.

I’m all alone with no place to call my own.
I’m unaccustomed to these unfamiliar sounds.

Strangers walk by, and don’t take the time, to recognise,
That I too am just like them.

I have a name.
I am someone’s something.

I’m not nothing.



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