Team No Sleep

My work situation is just a mess. I went from having work to having one day of work to then having NO days of work, to going to work and having the job CANCELLED!


But it looks like I’ve got work coming out my ass next week, lol.

Oyyyyyyy vey.

Have I mentioned how much I hate this (my) job.

Anyway, not sure I I’ve posted this piece on here before (I may have on my other blog, if I have, you’ll have the pleasure of reading it again.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m walking around in a daze.

It’s all hazy.


I’m not lazy.

Free. I want to be

Serene. Tranquillity. Divine

Sublime oh how I lie.

Be mine.

Hold me, love me, take me.

I’m all yours.

I’m on all fours.


Mercy on my soul you do not own.

I know it makes no sense. BELIEVE ME I KNOW it makes ZERO sense but that’s just some of the things that spew but my mind from time to time.

Ciao till next time 🙂


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