F Is For… Family

With everything going on, I wanted to write about something different.

My family.

And no, I’m not talking about my own family, I’m talking about the people have been with me throughout the past few months.

I cannot say this enough, about how thankful and grateful I am that I have them around me. If it wasn’t for them, I could have been in a very different situation.

When I was “preparing” to leave, I had a plan, and at the same time I didn’t. I knew I would have to find somewhere to stay, and seeing as though I hadn’t a job to walk into, I would have to stay in shared accommodation until I was able to find a job and eventually be able to move into my own place.

(After 6 months, I STILL haven’t been able to move into my own place).

I did look around for places and did try to contact a few potential housemates, but in the end, I ended up staying with a good friend of my boyfriend.

Staying with people you don’t know and have never met before was a bit worrying. Even staying in a hostel got me worrying, but if I had to I would have stayed in one.

But I was lucky that I did end up staying with good, decent, kind people. I initially (and sometimes still do) felt like I was sort of “invading their privacy” because they would be having some stranger coming to stay with them. They didn’t know me from Jo down the road, but I guess le bf put in a good word for me (after hearing me cry, worry and stress for ages) and it seemed like they wouldn’t mind having someone in their house.

I’ll always owe Miss G and Mr R one for everything they’ve done.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have my own place yet, so in a way, I’m (still) a drifter. When I’m not at my other home, I stay with my bf and his family. I remember when I came over last year to visit him, and while I was still making plans, he suggested me saying with them for a week. At first I was like omg, what, uhhhhh. Thoughts raced through my mind, mainly that of “omg”. I’d only met one member of his family before and I was worried about the whole “meet the family” thing. Luckily things went alright with everyone (phew!)

I dunno, I kinda just thought I’d buy my ticket and wing it from there. Had I been single, I really would have been a drifter floating about from place to place.

But like I said, I’m ever so grateful for my family here. They’ve been there for me; they support me and are always willing to help me in any way.

(I’m in no way saying that my OWN family aren’t like this, because they are)

That’s all I wanted to do with this post. Neither of them will see/read this but I just wanted to once again show my appreciation and gratitude towards them.

This is the last post for August (wow it’s ALREADY the End of August?!). I’m not too sure what I’ll be posting about next month, maybe I’ll do one of those 30 day blog challenge things, if I can remember to write every day. I’ve done one before and it was fun. Maybe this time I’ll do a photo challenge one, we’ll see.

Here’s a great song I discovered the other day.

Enjoy ^_^


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