And On This This Day

Helloooooo blogosphere!

Damn I haven’t written in a long while. I did have something planned for World Mental Health Day, but then I had to go in to work (I wasn’t even meant to be working that day!) and then I just kinda forgot about posting because of the work over load and stuff.

Speaking of work…oh my god has it been going great! (Insert sarcasm). It has been soo great that I’m actually now refusing to do jobs.

It’s been hell to say the least. Hate it even more now after the past few weeks I’ve had and everything I’ve had to deal with.

Anywhoo, in other news, today, 4 years ago, I was introduced to my now boyfriend. It’s a day I’ll always remember.

Happy 4 years of knowing you 🙂

I best stop mumbling and go get some stuff done. Can’t sit around and do nothing all day.


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