New Year, New Job!

Hello 2018!

So I left 2017 feeling bummed about my life and where it was heading, because I was technically unemployed and I had absolutely no desire to go back to my job.

My temporary December job didn’t pan out so that meant no income for most of December, which sucked as I needed money for certain things (nothing is free in my world).

I tried not to let the situation get me down too much, but at the same time I was preparing for the inevitable – going back home. To basically be a bum because I would never get a job there.

Fast forward to present day and…… I GOT ME A NEW JOB!

Yes that’s right, I do indeed have myself a new job. How I managed to land said job is quite a funny story. I shall explain. Brace yourself.

So for most of December I still continued my job search (when I remember to of course). There were some jobs I would have loved to apply for but couldn’t. I came across a job and thought, eh, I’ll just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll get no reply? I’ll get rejected? Been there way too many times I’m that used to it.

Anywhoo, I came across a job and applied for it. Didn’t think anything would come of it.

4th of January 2018

I go on the pc to play a game. I also checked my email to find out I had 3. Two were from the same person (well company).  The email was requesting me to attend an interview. Now this is where things got interesting. The time I saw the emails was well past 10pm. The emails were sent just before 4pm.

The interview was for THE VERY NEXT DAY!

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. I literally dropped my pc on the floor, ran upstairs, told le bf what had just happened, checked if I had clean clothes to wear to said interview, ran back down stairs to double check that I indeed did see what I saw.

It’s safe to say that I went into panic mode. What was happening? How was I going to get there? Do I have enough money to make it there and back?

And the best part about getting an email about a job interview for the next day was that I was not feeling so good that night.

Long story short, I made it to the interview. Totally unprepared for it.

The interview went alright I thought. She explained about the job role(s), I asked dumb questions because I was that nervous my mind just went blank, lol.

Then towards the end of it, she said “when are you available?” I said “as soon as possible”.

“Can you start tomorrow?” was her follow up question. I literally shouted (not literally, but it was very enthusiastic) “yes”.

She was like, alright, then she remembered that no, I couldn’t start the next day, as there was still some online details I had to fill in. but once I did all that, and head office had done it’s checks or whatever, then I could officially start work.

I don’t even know how I managed to land that job. Maybe it was by default and I was the only one who applied for it and therefore they HAD to employ me, lol. I don’t even have experience in the field. Good thing they offer ongoing training eh.

So glad the boyfriend came along with me, I would have been lost without him. Literally. I don’t have a good sense of direction at the best of times, lol.

So yeah, now I just have to wait for her (or them) to get in touch with me and then I can get ready to start my new job.

I wish I was feeling better so that I could really enjoy my success.

I cannot freaking wait!

I’m really looking forward to calling up my old job and telling them to suck it. I really did hate that job. It was the worst ones I’ve ever done. The people I worked with were alright, the job itself as a whole, ugh, no.

I don’t know when I could start, I did hear something about Monday, but I’m not too sure. The waiting is going to drive me nuts!

That’s my great start to 2018, hope yours is/was just as great.

Baiii for now 🙂


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