Random Friday Post

Hi there reader.

I don’t really have anything to write about today, it’s going to be a bit of this and that. Also this pot has not been proof read because I’m too lazy and it’s cold. So excuse just about everything you may or may not read.

I’m not at work today (didn’t go in yesterday too) due to “the beast from the east” aka the snowy weather we’ve been having. While it’s been great not having to go into work, all I and think about when the weather is like this is all the homeless people out there.


I know me sitting here all warm, cosy and safe isn’t helping but we really need to be doing something. Seriously. It honestly kills me seeing homeless people. Every time when I’m walking home from work I feel like the worst person in the world for not helping in anyway.

But here’s the thing. I’m scared of giving people food or money. With money you never know what it’ll be used on. I don’t judge people or question how or why they’ve ended up homeless and sleeping on the streets. I would hate for me to do something good and then realise they’re using it for evil (yes, drugs are bad, not all but you know the ones which are). Food…I have slight issues with giving food. Mainly because you don’t know if that person has an allergy or will react badly to the product. If you’re desperate, you won’t think twice, you’ll just go for it. I always worry that if I do give food and something bad happens, I’ll be responsible for their demise. I don’t know if I could live with myself I that were to happen.

I dunno *shrugs* the homelessness situation is not good. I just wish I could help them all. I know I can’t, but you know.

So what’s been happening with work? So so much.

I had a chat with my boss, told her the situation and how difficult I’m finding things and that I should probably think about leaving. She agreed about my progress, however I have not left as of yet. I was hoping that this would be my last week as I told her I could stay till the end of February. So currently I am still working but it looks like my role has changed slightly. I’m a little apprehensive about the change but I think it’ll be better for me (and possibly everyone else). Only time will tell how I get on when I go back to work on Sunday.

But other than that, I’m still looking for a different job. I don’t know if I would do the same job but in a different environment. I don’t deal so well in fast paced environments (I am not a robot!) so yeah, see how things get on before I can just leave the job and move onto something else. I’ll need to as money doesn’t grow on trees and the amount I’ve had to spend a week on transport drained my bank account.

Who would have thought that having a job would leave you with no money? Lol

It has been absolutely freezing these past few weeks. Big shout out to the taxi drivers bus drivers doing their bit to help us stay warm. I had one driver who let me stay on the bus while I waited for the next service. I basically had a free bus ride to keep warm. I then only had a 10 minute wait for my bus home. That was good of him.

Well, I think that’s all I have for now, I’m about to go battle storm Emma and head out into the wild.

I’m going to freeze my ass off but I don’t want to head out tomorrow if it’s gonna rain. At least it’s currently dry and not snowing or sleeting.

I’ll end this post with a nice cheery song. Enjoy and stay safe all.

Take care till next time 🙂


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