Sunday Nibbles

(I couldn’t think of a decent title, lol)

My gad I haven’t blogged in a good while.

I was going to a few weeks ago but things have been so chaotic and hectic it’s not even funny.

I had a specific topic I wanted to talk about but since I haven’t written on here a while I will just talk about everything.

The first thing I wanted to talk about was mental health issues and the methods we use to help us cope.

I’ve mentioned a few times here and on other places that I have mild anxiety and depression. The depression part isn’t so bad now but the anxiety still plays a part in my life daily.

So how do I try to deal and cope with It? With the craze of the Fidget Spinner (used mainly for people with Autism) I decided to go along that route and get me a Fidget Cube.

I’m not sure it’s working for me the way it’s supposed to but it is a comfort to me at times. My only issue with it is that some of the features make noise (I’m one of those people who have acute hearing at times) but other than that it’s an ok distraction gadget. Which is what I use it for. As a distraction and to calm me down a little. I take it everywhere with me. It’s always in my bag or pocket.

Is there something that you use as a distraction to calm you down when things become too overwhelming? If so please share, I’d love to hear of different coping methods.

Ok, onto the next topic.


So things in my world of work have changed dramatically.

Long story short I got a call on the Saturday to go in for an interview on the Monday if I’m still interested and looking for work. Luckily I had Monday and Tuesday off so it wouldn’t interfere with work.

At this point I had a job but how could I say no to this opportunit? It’s local, I wouldn’t have to travel so much (I can walk there!) and the travel cost would virtually be nothing compared to what I was spending in a month.

So anyway, I went for the interview things went well and she asked if I could start the following Monday. I said yes! I had a trial day thing for a few hours to get a feel for things. It was alright. A lot different to the current place of work but pretty much still the same.

Having to tell my boss about all this was super hard. More so that it was really short notice and I didn’t particularly like the way it was happening but like I said its not something I could turn down.

Luckily for me I have (had) the most supportive and understanding boss ever. She knew this day would come eventually so it’s not like she could have said no you can’t leave. She’s just the best!

So anyway I left that job on the Sunday and started my new one the very next day. I had 3 days “training” and then a day off.

Basically doing the same sort of things just a lot different. It’s taking me a while to get the hang of things but hopefully I’ll get better at things. It’s only been a week so you know.

Fingers crossed things work out here for me.

That’s basically all I have to talk about at the moment.

Here’s hoping life calms down a bit for me and I can start to do stuff outside of home and work instead of always being too tired to do anything and always being moody and grumpy.

Here’s to change and may it be good for me and those around me 😊


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