My “Sabbatical”

Things don’t always work out the way you want or hope they would.

I haven’t posted in a while and boy has a lot of shit been happening.

The job I had closer to home..turned out to be THE WORST THING EVER!

The money was alright but the overall job was absolute HELL to say the least.

I have never hated a job more than that one. It was even worse than the first job I had when I moved here.

My god, I hated everything about it. The overall environment was just awful and I dreaded going to work there. The work itself was hard going and stressful enough without having to deal with moody, shitty woman who did nothing but moan and complain all day about anything and everything.

Not all of the people I worked with were ugh, there was one or two I got on well with. But yeah, I really hated everything about that place. I should have left after the first week I was there but I needed the money so I had to stick it out.

Sometimes you gotta tough it out when things are rough, and boy were they for me.

But anyway, there was a possibility I could be kept on till the end of the year (my contract was temporary to end at the end of September. I started end of May). So on my last week there the one supervision called me in to discuss that possibility. I was hoping and praying they would just let me go at the end of the month.

SO GLAD THEY DID! I would have not stayed on. Nope. I’m not that crazy.

Up until this part of writing this post, things were flowing quite freely, then I hit that wall, stopped for a few days and now nothing seems to be coming to me, lol.

But all in all I’m ok. I’m not going to be working anymore this year, I’m done. My mind, body, spirit and soul need a little time out.

This month I have my 5th year anniversary with my bf, as well as my birthday. I plan to celebrate both very hard! Then next month I’m off to see my dad, and other family members I’ve not seen in a while.

But to say in the last month I’ve not been a little bored or frustrated is an understatement. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m bored or that I’m just going out of my mind.

So much for my sabbatical eh? Lol

Anywhoo, I best stop before this post really goes nowhere.

Take care y’all 🙂


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