Don’t Let Those Who Misunderstand You, Confuse You About Who You Really Are

I came across this statement on a facebook post. As soon as I saw it I thought omg, yes!

It reminded me of the one time when I was like omg..I didn’t realise I was weird until people started pointing it out. I had actually started to convince myself that there was something not right and wrong with me.

That didn’t last too long thank goodness.

I am very comfortable and confident with the person I am on the inside and how it translates on the outside. I am an INFJ, an introvert, an empath to name a few and I love who and what I am.

Never let people turn you into, or make you something you’re not. Also never let them change you in anyway, unless you’re an asshole, then please, give them all the power to turn you into a decent person.

Anywhoo, just thought I’d start with that.

Today was my last day here (I saw was because it’s nearly 10pm as we speak). I l travel  back to my other home tomorrow bright and early for a very long day or sitting on my ass on the train doing nothing but being bored for 10 hours. Yes people, 10 fricken hours!

This is why I don’t travel much from Scotland to England and vice versa. Other than the expense, it just takes foreverrrr.

I did enjoy my time here and I’m a little sad to go back and leave my dad again. It’s the longest I’ve been home since I moved away. It was nice to just get away and relax. But yeah, back to reality tomorrow, and that means getting to bed asap as I have a super early start.

Take care till my next post reader (should anyone come across this).

I’ll end this post with one of my favourite songs. It always reminds me of my Dad 🙂


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