The Long(est) Ride

Oops I totally forgot to post yesterday, my bad. Anyway here’s an account of how my day went.

So today is travel day.

I’ve been awake since 4.30am. it’s currently 8.40am. We left the house at 6am to make it in time for my 7.48am train back home to England.

I am exhausted and over tired.


Aww looks like my travel buddy (not my actual travel buddy, but the person who reserved the seat next to me) hadn’t turned up. Guess that means I can move to the window seat, sing along to my music and hope that I’m not loud enough to be heard, lol

So my travel buddy ended up showing and sat in their seat.

I had a disappointing tea. Could have done with more milk and sugar. I still drank it though. I need a pick me up.

It didn’t work, I feel like going for a nap. And at 11.40 with 6 hours to go, I may just have to.


I need sleeeep


I managed a little nap. Now I’m even more tired.

But the good news is, is that there’s only 3 hours left till my destination!!!


I hope that lady found her bag. she was frantic shouting that she’s lost her bag and can’t find it.

I feel really awful for her, there’s nothing worse than losing or misplacing stuff and you have a medical or mental health condition.

There were people who tried to help her and calm her down as well as the train staff. I do hope she’ll be alright.

Update – With help from fellow passengers and train staff, she managed to find her bag.


20 more minutes!!!!!

Woohoo I have finally reached my destination!

So glad to be inside and off the train. I’m that tired I could stay up all night.


P.s The titleof my post is a novel by Nicholas Sparks – The Longest Ride. I’ve yet to read the book but I have watched the movie and I absolutely loved it.


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