Stranger Things

Boy did I have a really weird messed up dream last night.

I dreamt me bf and I were having major problems (which in reality is true) but this was like no other.

I was with about 3 or 4 of my girlfriend’s (I don’t know that many people) and I was airing my grievances to them as well as having a screaming match with me bf.

All done in full view of others but I had #nochill and was just having a rant at everything and anyone.

Was really weird with all the other things that happened in it. It was even more stranger than the dream I had the other night about Katy Perry. People were giving her all kinds of hell about something and there’s me going to her defence and being a nice person (lol).

I went for a walk today, well just into town. It’s awful cold this January. Normally I’d stay indoors but I needed to get out the house for fresh air as I’ve drilled it into my brain that I need to go for little daily walks. I got the bus back because a) it was cold and b) I was lazy and tired to walk back home uphill.

Got home and had a little nap. I never intended to nap but I was just feeling so drained that I needed to in order to recharge and feel normal again.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ll be heading into town again for a little bit then probably come home and figure out what to do.

Hope I sleep and dream better tonight than I did yesterday.


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