Homelessness And Life On The Streets

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, so I’m just going to let things flow and hope that they make some sort of sense.

When I made the definite decision to leave home and move to a different county with nothing but my few possessions and little money, I had no idea what I was doing or where I was headed.

I had a rough idea about what was going to happen, but nothing was set in stone.

Nearly 2 years later, I’m sat in a house, staring out the window at trees and other properties surrounded by a grey, dull sky. It’s a cold day today.

But my life could have turned out completely different.

The one thing that kills me every time I leave the house is seeing a homeless person on the streets, or someone sleeping rough on the streets.

It kills me because that person could have been me. It can still be me. It’s honestly something that really bothers me and always has.

Had I not had the help I had when I moved who knows where I could have been today. I did have a plan in mind. I was either going to live in shared accommodation or stay in a hostel or in a hotel/BnB until I had found myself a job.

I know that right now nothing is for sure. Life certainly isn’t for sure. You never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next.

The thing is, that I wish I could help, but I don’t know how. I’m just one person. I’m not a judgemental person by any means, but when it comes to giving a struggling person help in the form or money or food, I fear doing so.

Let me explain why.

I do not know that person at all. I don’t know their lives or how they got to the point where they’re at now. If I give that person a little bit of money and they choose to spend it on drugs instead of food, I wouldn’t be happy about that. My biggest fear is giving them food and they end up having some sort of reaction to it and they end up dying as a result. That also applies to them dying from drugs they took. I would hate to have that hanging over my head. It would be like I did that to them or contributed to their demise.

I honestly couldn’t live with myself.

I do feel awful bad at times for NOT doing anything. I know if it was me say or laid down there, I would want or at least like for someone kind to try and offer me some help or find out about my story and how I got there.

It’s not often you see people stopping to talk to homeless people and try to offer support in some way.

I wish it wasn’t such a huge problem but it is. But it’s like..what does one to help this situation? We have our own people suffering on the streets and there is our own government welcoming everybody and their dog and basically giving them a free life with both housing and health benefits while their own people can’t and won’t get any help.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be charitable to others, but shouldn’t we be looking after our own before taking in others. Don’t we owe our own people that much to put them first? Because I guarantee you if you were a homeless person in another country, you certainly wouldn’t be a top priority.


I don’t know. I just think more needs to be done and for whatever funds charities DO get to go directly to HELPING THOSE IN NEED and not to the bosses or whomever are behind it all “managing” things behind the scenes.

It’s a difficult and problematic crisis if I’m allowed to address it as such.

I guess I’m one of the “lucky” ones. At the present moment I do have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and food in my tummy. (At present I am living with other people, but will soon be out and living on my own in my own space) But like I said, nothing in my life at the present moment is guaranteed. Hence why I decided on the name I chose for this blog. I honestly thought I would be in an out of various temporary places, not staying in a place or area for very long.

It’s unfortunate that I haven’t had any real adventures or done anything worthy relating to the page name to post about.

I just write on here for me. If the post gets spotted, then all good, if not, it’s still ok.

World peace is never going to happen I don’t think, but hopefully we’ll have a new generation of people who want to help better the world we live in.

I (we) can only hope though.

Hope I wasn’t all over the place with this post and I hope I managed to get out what I wanted to.

I don’t know what I’ll write about tomorrow but hopefully I’ll find something worth putting down.

Take Care till next time 🙂


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